Being the first born of four siblings, I was certainly no stranger to being in front of the lens of my father’s 35 mm Canon as a child. I didn’t fully realize the importance of capturing special family moments until my wife and I welcomed the birth of our children Isaac and Kennedy.  It was then when I understood his desire to capture the milestones of our childhood.

I carry that passion to capture life’s moments and milestones into every consultation and photo shoot.  My passion lies in wedding photography and portraits.  My wedding was one of the most important days of my life.  It is a transition, the birth of something new and exciting; an adventure, a journey in discovering a new life together.  Photography exists to capture a moments like this. 

A moment in time, a memory that lasts forever.  Looking back on a photograph is like hearing your favorite song, it takes you back to that specific time and place and you remember exactly how you felt at that moment.   I had the great honor of photographing my younger brother Josh’s wedding.  Currently, I am anxiously awaiting the time when I can add my younger brother’s Jeremy and Jonathan to the list. (I am sure they will appreciate that I mentioned that!)

As I stated earlier, portrait photography is also a passion of mine.  Capturing the essence of a person, and their individuality in photograph is timeless.  Whether you choose me for to capture your wedding day, or your individual style through portrait photography you will be able to reflect on those moments in time for years to come.

J. Ramon